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in the united states. there was a documentary on the house this, is a bit of the production. >> some people say there is a curse on this house. it's said there has been murder in this house. outrageous claims about the building. >> there was a murder in the house in 1986. a security guard tacked two young girls, killing one of them n 1990s charles bartlet johnson and his wife, ann bought the house and put $30 million into rono vacations. it's a palace but not the place for a mitt romney fund-raiser says the head of the republican party in san francisco. >> it's a question would i have picked that venue? probably not. >> because? >> because there is that marie antoinette association. >> romney has shown difficulty in connecting with americans of more average income. and was quick to add this zinger about the army of small donors in the obama camp. >> some people don't have jobs three, four times later they're not giving this time around. big money is the only game in town. >> democratic side, state party chair john burton says romney should have made a different statement with his event. >> thes
given this opportunity to meet and greet the president of the united states. >> there are a number of people that want to get attention about the landmark hangar one they want the president to step in to help safe that hangar. >> yes. it's probably unclear if they're able to, if he was able to see the signs. probably doubtful is what i mean to say. they want to safe hangar one, condemned about 10 years ago because it contains some pcbs. it's been stripped to the core. these folks want it restored and turned into a museum. hair hoping the president would agree and urge congress to provide the funds. >> carolyn before you go president is spending a lot of time talking at the foot of the stairs which is not what he did a couple weeks ago. are there members of the general public there? >> he's talking and walking over here now to this crowd waiting for him. as i said about 50-60 people. we tried to find out about some of the people. one family of four told us they had a friend who is in the secret service. and there is he is shaking hands with the first group of folks. i don't know if
. and there is now gaining popularity here in the united states. and they're using this as an opportunity to demonstrate not just in solidarity but for immigrant workers and ranks of migrant farmers to and there is folks with a lot of energy and oakland police are blocking streets as these folks make their way north. >> thank you and also joining on this day of pro test are the parents of students in five schools slated foreclosure, they did not anticipate the crush that would join them. we're live with that part of the story. >> they were rather peaceful and i can tell you not expected here and let me just explain this is supposed to be a rally. parents, teachers and members and of course kids zitd decided to protest on this day like mentioned before. there is a when they wanted to spread the word and rally was to be held at this park. they were told to leave the plaza earlier they decided to come here and after hearing about the confrontations this morning, parents decided it was not safe for kids and many of them left. >> you said this would be a safe march. it's hard when there is a l
, and he said thank you to americans. >> mr. president, i'm speaking to you and the people of the united states, the gratitude of the afghan people for that the support your taxpayer money has provided of the past decade. >> in the streets of chicago there were thousands who wanted not a thank you but an end to what many antiwar, antibiotic government protesters complain is a ruling elite running roughshod over the people. >> the made to -- nato generals need to have accountability to the service members serving under them. >> thousands marched peacefully from chicago's lakefront grant park to the mccormick place summit hall. the allies are now looking for $4 billion a year in pledges to support afghanistan after the war. abc news at the nato summit in chicago. >> alan: robin gib of the bee gees died this evening at age 62. gibb seen here with his brother barry was battling colon and liver cancer. he slipped into a comb ya this spring. robin and his brothers helped usher in the disco era with the sound track of the movie "saturday night fever." maurice gibb died in 2003. >> the deal betw
die in the united states every year on a playing field. >> ama: 900 athletes signed up for the free test. 9% of the athletes had abnormal ekgs. >> alan: this weekend you can catch a glimpse of a rare solar eclipse. the ring of fire eclips when the move moves across the sun, block everything but a halo oflight. the prime viewing tomorrow tomorrow is 6:00 30. here in the bay area we'll see a partial eclipse. more like a c rather than a halo. last ring of fire eclipse was not 1994, and make sure you have protective eye wear when viewing. >> ama: don't look at it unless you're wearing this. i don't know how you can see it. i can't see anything. >> alan: they're like little welder glasses but you can get them at any science store. >> leigh: or just take a little pin, stick it through the paper like this, and then put it down, and you can look down on it. don't look directly at the sun. >> ama: look down? >> leigh: on the piece of paper. >> alan: but it's cooler with the glasses. >> ama: you look so cool, leig
any other project in the history of the united states and do it effectively. this is a huge, huge concern. >> administrators say it is not unprecedented and point out $1.3 billion is not under deadline. they point out the retro fit has a rate of $1.8 million a day. and there is the project that had a strong team in place. high speed rail hasn't had a cfo for months. high speed rail says it's ramping up the staff including an energy. -- engineer and is confident face one can be bill on time. >> the contractors and people who are reaping the -- preparing the bids now if they didn't think they can do it they won't be spending $6 million to $8 million each. >> this is going to be a major right after this ook a group cautioned a committee that more needs to be done. lawmakers will vote on whether to approve bond money for the bullet train's first wave. >> and there is another drop in stock prices. the dow lost ground today and traders seem more concerned than a positive manufacturing report here at home. sales edged up slightly and home depot said profits are up 28% and contractors hav
it to soccer saying it's huge everywhere except in the united states. you can see it's gaining popularity here, too. and not just among koreans. >> and i love everything about k pop. music, learics, the men, message behind the songs. catchy dance move autos at 1:00... the wait was over. >> thank you so much. and fans were excited. to say the least. >> one fan is looking on the bright side. >> the more people like it the more they'll come here and perform. >> let the korean wave begin. >> in oakland jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> that concert is monday night at shore line amphitheater. you'll find a link on abc 7 if you want to watch live on you tube. >> bring your ear plugs. screaming will be loud, i bet f you visited civic center it's hard not to notice the new flower sculpture outside of the art museum. the 25 foot tall sculpture sets the tone for contemp rarey art. you can't get more contemp rarey than this flowering wave. and this exhibition begins friday continuing throughout early september. >> that red lotus popped on the gray skies. >> indeed. looked nice. spencer christian is
in the united states served it's last meal after being in business 126 years, opening in 1886 by the dell monty family. as a bordello. and a fire in 2005 forced owners to move to mason street. and in 2008 business suffered and it just never recovered. >> that is like a wife. and she tried to divorce me. >> great food. and it's warm feeling to be in the restaurant. from start to finish. >> there is hope for customers and talk of opening another restaurant soon. >> sad to see it go. >> and there is an update on the accu-weather forecast. >> there is a nice picture showing clouds over lake merced today. and there is clear on the coast and sunny into the state including bay area, we have interior areas in the bay area. it's going to get up to 80 degrees, we'll see mid to upper 70s inland around the bay, highs into upper 60s to about 70s. breezy, cooler on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is temperatures we'll see 82 again, tuesday. >> and sports is coming up next. @ae@e@e@e@e@ >>> coming up on cable channel 13 coming up then it's all in the hands. san francisco start ups that is
of this success has him thinking london olympics but not for the united states. >> there is almost my family lives in israel. i visit there a month, half a month. it's almost like my home away from home. i'd be just as proud either way. >> he understands making the israel hi olympic team are better than u.s. one this, weekend the championships in hungary will be the personal trial. >> this is to improve. >> and. >> that is the best outcome. lowest beg and last place, i don't care. it's so great to go. >> in santa clara abc 7 sports. >> they'll be thrilled. >> not a lot of people on the planet can say. yeah. phelps. yeah. >> that is good raegs, but... >> very cool. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00 from the entire abc 7 news team, have a good night. >> see again at 9:00 and 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. from washington, d.c., werthis is power players week closed caon "jeopardy!"ces, inc. please welcome our celebrity guests-- in 2004, he joined barack obama's senatorial campaign as communications director, and later served the president as his white house press sec
. >> and in san diego mitt romney spoke about the military in a ceremony and declared the united states must always have a military larger and stronger than any other in the world. and said it must to not only win wars but prevent them. >> a $40 million blitz seems to be making a difference in swaying public opinion on proposition 29 on the june ballot. a poll sin stit yut poll shows support for prop 29 is at 53% done 14 points since march. it is with ad campaigns financed by the tobacco industry bank rolling opposition. abc 7 news looks at the hot button initiatives. >> proposition 29 would make smoking more expensive. if passed would it add a $1 tax to every pack of sig -- cigarettes bringing total to $1.87. ads are everywhere. >> imposing a billion dollars in new taxes on californiains. >> and it will keep kids from smoking. >> the tax would raise an estimated $735 mimin a year. the nonpartisan analyst says 80% of the money would fund cancer research and prevention programs. carol baker a lot of a loved one in cancer and is a long time volunteer with the american cancer society. >> they'v
the united states and china over a blind human rights activist, just ahead. >> how the water rangers are putting their lives on the line patrolling dangerous -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >>> good evening again, some economists are saying recovery stalled after a weak report on jobs out today. only 115 new jobs were created in april. and it could be because employers are slowing down after a surge of warm weather hiring in january and february. the rate calculated separately went down to 8.1%. and abc 7 news is here, and you know for the nation these jobless numbers are not encouraging but for mitt romney it's a chance to get back on message after a difficult week. >> this we
the united states into a crisis. documents seized a year ago during that raid that killed bin laden in his pakistan hideout. >> because of the interest in and on this anniversary in the mission that led to his demise this was deemed an appropriate time to release them. >> and he was frustrate that had spinnoff groups were unable to win public support and worried poorly planned attacks were leaving too many innocent muslims dead. there is a link under see it on tv. >> and california state fire officials paying attention to reports that terrorists may try to use wildfires as next weapons. al qaeda's english language magazine is offering advice on how to start a huge forest fire how to read weather maps and make timed explosives and bombed to set fires in the u.s., montana is one likely target. and there is cal fire sweeching watch. >> a wildfire can inflict damage. >> and also says an earn born al qaeda leader urged the use of population centers. >> and moving on, facebook set a price for its public stock offering. they're hoping to pitch it to investors over two weeks at between $28 and pa
his citizenship. turns out he isn't the only rich guy defriending the united states. >>> a community bans together to fight prostitution. the plan to move them away from their kids. its coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is football to talk about. >> yes. there is rookie mini camp. there is a quick lesson for 49ers first round draft pick. there is he must get into shape. not like is he overweight. speed of the game and endurance more demanding in college football and illinois. they worked out today in santa clairea. head coach said it's clear they all need to be fa nat cal. >> it's in the a panic button there. is a process. goal goals from a-x. we'll get them there. >> and this is happening all the time. it's been on the road so. this, you know, i'm back home, and i'm going out there. you can see this. there is a different ball game tomorrow. >> and they'll get it. former stanford quarterback davita prichyard invited back to camp. and there is couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw the ball one more time. >> coach just keep calls me up and said what do you think about comin
of the state parks spared from closure. >> a united states airmen missing more than 60 years gets a proper burial he deserves tonight at the press rid yido. >> technology allowing your cell phone to be embedded in your skin. michael finney shows us how. c >>> a celebration in the south bay today on word it has been spared from closure this summer. efforts to keep dozens of state parks open is far from over. david louie is live at the park for us right now. david? >> there is some dangers having cake here. to celebrate their campaign to keep the park open. but as you said there are still several major parks still in jeopardy. 17 doomed parks have been saved from closure because of grass roots fund raising efforts we've seen a lot of really exciting moves by nonprofit organizations and foundations based in san francisco. and they've celebrating contributions to individuals as well as, cities and county autos cuts put 70 parks on the hit list. and there is a successful campaign keeping the park largest in northern california out of danger for three years. and dan mccraney was a principle ben
. the disappearance was one of the first high profile missing childrens cases in the united states. >> now, california term limits law restricts lawmakers to serving 14 years total in the state legislature. >> going to polls proposition 28 will ask to you lower that limit and allow lawmakers to stay in their jobs longer. >> there is mark matthews to explain. >> prop 28 would allow lawmakers to spend 12 years in the lenl slay tour, unlike current rules no limit on where those years were spent. unlike now, instead of a maximum six years, they could say all 12 years. >> just trying to come up with another way to wrap bacon on a pig. >> this volunteer spokesperson on the no campaign. >> i think for people watching news stories they would never realize that all of the legislatures get to serve more time in office. >> and the campaign is about calling it a scam. because it reduces the total number of years a lawmaker can serve in sacramento but... allows members to stay in one house or another for longer than rule as lou. what is going on is that if public understood, i don't think it's a scam. we invite vo
and the united states normalized relation autos behind me, one of the busiest waterways in china trade increases and much cargo will leave here for shanghai. >> and trade with pacific room took off, he became abc 7 news business reporter, then, with the growth of silicon valley, he added high tech. >> the economic engine creating many jobs is true back then, 20 years ago, and still, today. >> but he is not all business all the time. long before the food channel, david was doing a feature called friday feast. >> and he judged a song contest. when david started at kgo, the station advertised him as an outsider. but after 40 years he's now the ultimate bay area insider. and is not ready to quit. >> i want to be like that ever ready battery bunny. i want to go on and on, and on. >> and you can. david. so congratulations to david lieu eye, we're hoping he'll join us for a celebration, today he was busy with our lead story on facebook. that is the way he likes it. great reporter and a great guy. >> that is awesome. >> 40 year autos let's get to sandhya. she's been checking the accu-weather forecast to
. there is no money out tlchl our united states government could have found it if there was. >> this stings for investors because of the life style mcconville led with their money. building this 80 acre estate where he kept $6 million worth of antiques art and jewelry and a classic car collection valued at $1.5 million. >> where are the 20 cars? jim? lamborghinies and the rest? >> he bank rolled a horror movie. >> and he appeared in a trailer for the film. prosecutors say he passed some money through family members and used his daughter as the sole name on various companies. mcconville recruited bank employees to help in this scheme. seven have been convicted and five still waiting to be sentenced. you can see reports at abc 7 and just quick where it says i team. >> that story had a big impact. >> there is a huge impact and there is this business of meat glue. >> a state lawmaker is taking action after an investigation into meat glue. we showed how there is sometimes a powder to combine pieces of meat otherwise discarded into a steak. that story led state senator to fire off a lett
the united states. the question tonight would the under wear upgrade have gotten through airport security? >> shrimp boy talks. the one time enforcer of chinatown's gang says he is a new man but police aren't so sure. >> and now on to giants baseball. >> there is bad news for giants. >> and their bull pen. >> yes. >> and this particular situation is something we haven't seen a lot of lately. there is baseball cleaning itself up. giants opening tonight in l.a.. there is a hole in the pull ben -- bull pen. according to the commissioners office mota tested positive for a drug that can be used to burn fat and build muscle mass. he's struggled with giants and no word yet on who giants will call up to replace him in the pen. the team saying the giants ever disappointed to learn of the suspension. and baseball suspended philly's pitcher five games for deliberately hitting rookie brice harper in the back. after the game he admitted this is his old school way of welcoming a highly-touted rookie. and this is batter stuff. one after the mazing catches you'll see. pineor league game saturday. there t
treated him and recommended he return to the united states for surgery. he was discharged from the hospital and days later he says he was beaten and robbed. >> i was kicked in the head and thrown in a dumpster. had broken teeth and fractured ribs. >> the same day that attack he received this e mail from his insurance company. now known as alaan. assistance department reviewed your request and is unable to authorize dare. documents outlining his policy show before his trip he purchased 25,000s ndz coverage for medical and dental care. this bill he said he received from the hospital was $4500. travel attorney is providing assistance in the lawsuit against both for breech of contact and fraud. >> he thinks he's going to third world and should take it. and this is the way they treat you. they've got costs inside. >> telling us we covered his bill in the amount of $11,000. he declined to answer our question. but troubles didn't end with the second attack. days after he says two bandits attacked him again in a crime of opportunity. >> i was held for the better part of 30 hours agains
came to the united states. and her personal live was dictated by her father. and that meant an arranged marriage. >> i stuck through it trying everything i could. meant changing myself trying different ways of communicating with my partner. with his parents. >> she got the courage to get divorced. she was accepted at stanford business school. during a class she came up with the idea for piazza meaning a gathering place in it tallin. she remembered long nights full of home work in college. stuck on a tough problem with no help. >> i started with a very problem, how can a student stuck get unstuck at 4:00 a.m. we solve that had. >> it's a web site linking students online. professors at university can register their class then students post questions. jacob used it as stanford. >> it's people helping you out. >> students and teaching assistants and professors can post answers. the information remains up for the whole class to see. >> it's helpful to be able to see what previous students asked. a lot of questions are questions others have asked. >> this is use bid a quarter mill yain studen
their families. it's not where the criminally insane are housed in more secure units that. is where most assaults have occurred in the past. there are administrators saying only that a naipa state hospital nursing employee was injured during an incident. the patient arrested, the staff member treated at the hospital. workers say the patient became irritated and fought staff, trying to calm him down, we're told the employee suffered a serious leg injury, requiring surgery. several others were injured trying to subdue the patient. workers tell us security still inadequate to deal with a growing population of violent patients. many of whom are criminally insane. they say there have been some security enhancements but not enough to ensure safety of the staff. some say little changed since the murder of donna gross almost two years ago. the assaults continued since the death, patients attacking staff and other patients. this assemblyman says violent patients ought to be isolated. >> i think patients are likely to be implicated in violence. and find kpeshl units for them. and they have the kind of secu
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21